DVS has experience working on every level of educational institution, from K-12, high schools, higher education, and graduate level facilities. These engagements routinely involve the development of staffing programs, electronic security systems, and architectural design strategies.


Al Palumbo Al Palumbo Principal

Al has over 32 years of experience in the design, integration, and installation of low voltage systems.  His security industry expertise includes the development of client security sequences of operations, security surveys and assessments, and design integration.  Al is known for his attention to detail and ability to easily navigate the deployment of complex technology solutions.  As the leader of the DVS Education market, Al has managed projects for major universities, local colleges, well-known private schools, and public K-12 schools, and has helped to develop standardized security programs for these clients.  Through that work, Al has gained a strong understanding of education client technology capabilities, staffing, and balancing operations and capital budgeting.

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