From multi-tenant commercial high rises, financial institutions and the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, DVS experience in developing security solutions for commercial clients is unparalleled. DVS has the background to help manage the careful balance between security requirements, business continuity, and construction feasibility.


Brian Coulombe Brian Coulombe Principal, Director of Operations

Brian has over 14 years of experience in the development of security master plans, implementation programs, and electronic systems design.  As the leader of the DVS Commercial market, Brian has helped manage commercial security projects from single tenant office facilities to multi-tenant skyscrapers and Fortune 500 headquarters.  He is well versed in balancing the needs of various stakeholders and use elements often involved in these projects, including developers, building staff and engineers, commercial tenants, retail, and parking.  Brian has also led the implementation of global security standards for multi-national organizations, helping to streamline security operations and upgrade roll-outs.

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