The engineering staff at DVS is dedicated solely to the design and implementation of security systems. Unlike many other firms who may offer security design as an add-on service, DVS engineers are immersed in the latest security technology, trends, and standards on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the DVS engineering staff is in direct communication with major industry manufacturers, allowing them a glimpse into forthcoming product developments and providing input into future product features. Our field experience also allows us to oversee security design projects once they reach the construction phase, ensuring quality workmanship, installation, and programming.


Our engineering services include:


Security Systems Design

The security systems design phase of a project translates the established security program into a fully coordinated and constructable design package which can subsequently be bid and awarded. DVS is experienced working on the developemnt of security designs as a stand-alone project, or within the context of a larger design team on a new or renovation project. DVS routinely works with owners, owner's representatives, architects, engineers, and construction managers. Our design services commonly include:

Construction Administration

The construction administration (CA) process exists to provide on-site review and oversight of construction activities to ensure that they are being carried out in accordance with contract documents. DVS engineers are well-experienced in working with construction management staff to assist in the review of contractor submittals, response to requests for information, as well as the oversight of the security installation and programming process. Typical CA services include the following:

Security Audits, Assessments, and Peer Reviews

A successful security program requires continuing assessment, review, and modification as necessary to adapt to evolving client needs and respond to an ever-changing landscape of evolving threats. In addition, DVS is often asked to peer review the design of other engineers or contractors in order to ensure if meets client requirements, expectations, or as defined by good professional practice. DVS routinely assists in the following: