DVS offers a broad range of security consulting services for planned developments, new construction, and existing facilities. Our services include consultation during the earliest site selection and master planning phases, as well as the during the traditional design, construction administration, and post-occupancy phases.


Our consulting services include:


Threat and Risk Assessment

The threat and risk assement phase of the project determines the vulnerabilities of the facility and/or client, determines the criticality of these vulnerabilities, and then prioritizes them in a way that allows the project team to make informed decisions on appropriate mitigation techniques. This process focuses the process of developing physical, architectural, electronic, and staffing components of the project. The process involves the following:

Master Planning and Security Program Development

When feasible, the incorporation of security concepts into the earliest phases of project design and planning can provide a more comprehensive and cost effective security plan. By implementing those concepts early with the project team, security is integrated into the basis of design, which often translates into reduced security staffing needs and security technology requirements. DVS is frequently retained to assist in:

Security Staffing Programs

The most critical component to any security program is well-conceived staffing plan. While an engineered security design can provide an advantageous physical layout or advanced electronic systems, security staff members are required to utilize these tools in accordance with established policies and procedures to effect a complete and effective security program. DVS routinely assists in the following: